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The 21 Day Mind Shift Program is an online programme of Recorded Sessions  to follow everyday with Instructor Schanelle Denton. This will also grant you access to the Cosmic Membership Container for 1 month for Free. (Details on the Cosmic Membership is below.)

Each session consists of Somatic Facial Tension Release, Breathwork and NLP Exercises that are carefully put together in a way that will relax your nervous system to allow for the brainwaves to slow down to enable access into the subconscious level of allow for a shift of your mindset.

We mindfully take the window of opportunity when the mind enters a very relaxed space to create new neural pathways that are more aligned to heartfelt desires (instead of repressed subconscious fear- based engrained thought patterns that may be resulting in self-sabotaging behaviour without you realising it). Your new mindset results in new unconscious actions that are more aligned to your highest self, your best case scenarios, your desires and life goals.

Your Facilitator Schanelle Denton has curated this course based around her culmanitive studies and training starting in 2004 in Exercise Science, NLP, Trauma Release Therapy, Yoga and Shamanic Philosophy as well as Western Psychology. Schanelle is an advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer, Breathwork Facilitator, NLP Coach and Trauma Release therapist, she has gained her qualifications from Institutions around the World namely Johannesburg, Peru, London, Sydney Australia and California.

Schanelle curated this program from her expansive studies and through personal experience to bring you this unique and specialised program.l


If you have completed the 21 DAY MINDSHIFT COURSE, you can continue your journey with Cosmic Moments and Subscribe to the Monthly Cosmic Membership Programme and receive:

4 weeks of Online Community gatherings consisting of  live virtual Cosmic Moments Sessions every week via Zoom  with Schanelle and various other guest teachers:

Sessions are educational and practical and range in offerings from functional breathing to chakra balancing , tantric and ayurvedic practices. 

Each month different offerings are shared but to give you an idea around topics that may be covered  include

Cosmic Breathwork  Techniques

Somatic Tension Release Exercises 

NLP inspired  guided Meditations 

Mindshift insights based on Neuroscience, Shamanism, Yogic Philosophy


Chakra Balancing 

Ayurvedic Healing


You will also have access to a Private community watsapp and facebook group access for ongoing community support.

As a Cosmic Moments member you  will qualify for discounts to live workshops, events and retreats. 


It is required that you join the 21 Day Mindshift Course if you wish to become a Cosmic Moments Member, this is because the theories shared in the 21 Day Mindshift are required as a baseline for all continued Cosmic Teachings, you will gain the most benefit from the live sessions that we share  and the community support if you have already committed to making the positive mindshift and implemented the discussed tools into your life. 


Your first Cosmic Moments Membership Month is included for Free with the purchase of the 21 Day Mindshift Programme.

The 21 Day program of Somatic Facial Tension Release, Breathwork and NLP Exercises that is designed to shift your mindset. Creating new neural pathways, which results in new unconscious actions that are more aligned to your best case scenarios, your desires and life goals.

Your facilitator Schanelle Denton; a qualified Breathwork Facilitator, NLP Coach, Yoga Instructor and Trauma Release therapist. She has studied and trained in western psychology, Hawaiian healing , as well as Shamanic and Tantric healing  in universities, institutes, schools and retreats around the world.

Schanelle travels the world holding healing retreats and circles globally and has curated this program from studies and experiential learnings rooted in various traditional healing modalities to bring you an evidence based program that will bring about positive change and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Upcoming Online Cosmic Breathwork Session 19th October 2020 7PM AEST

Cosmic Breathwork is an intensive releasing modality, through a unique and specific breathing technique you are guided into a non-conscious mind space, as the distribution of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body changes. Here you will experience incredible and unfamiliar sensations throughout your body and be able to tap into different parts of the brain, slow down the brain waves, release suppressed memory and introduce clarity to the mind.

This breathing techniques will immediately affect your sense of clarity, connection, and peace. Here you’ll discover a natural remedy for stress and anxiety, along with greater self-awareness, love, and compassion, all from the comfort of your own home as we completely detox the mind and body.

This may be a deeply relaxing experience, but it can also be a confronting experience, I encourage you to surrender to the process and know that you are being supported in this space.

You may experience the following conditions during your Cosmic Breathwork Session

*Extreme emotions of joy – Hysterical laughter

*Extreme emotions of sadness – Wailing, screaming, excessive crying

“I encourage you to release and go with the flow of this experience. Resistance may come up – remind yourself to surrender and let go to get the full benefit of this experience, you are in a safe setting and no one can hear you online, you are releasing trapped energy in your body through this process.”

“Expressing sounds, shaking may be involuntary, but you can also do this voluntarily to assist the process of releasing trapped energy”

* Tingling, cramping and numbness in the arms and legs or various parts of the body and face.

* Fluctuations in temperature

*Extreme cramping in the hands

*Tetany or carbon-dioxide deficiency (I will explain this in more detail in our session)


“If these releases are too intense,or become scary for you simply take the breath to nasal breathing (which I will explain in the preparation time) and these intense sensations will slow down and dissipate”

If you have any of the below following conditions please inform me or check with your Doctor before participating, your practice may need to be altered or it may not be safe for you to participate in an online setting at all.

Please review and notify me If you have any of these conditions:

Psychosis or schizophrenia


Recent surgery



History of Strokes


Cardiovascular / Heart conditions

How to Prepare:

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. (You will want to lie down for the actual session and a blanket and cushion may help make you more comfortable). Check you have a solid internet connection in order to get the best out of the experience. Switch off all notifications and distracting sounds.

Don’t eat heavily before our meeting.

What to Bring

– Blanket for temperature fluctuations

– Socks

– Bucket (in case you feel like purging / not common, but may happen)

– Pillow for under the knees if needed

 – Download Cosmic Breathwork Playlist

New Moon NLP Workbook is included in your New Moon Circle Ticket. You will  be guided through manifestation exercises to best embrace the qualities of the NEW MOON.

New Moons represent beginning. They are for planting seeds and setting intentions for our dreams, goals and wishes.

This is the time to  train your brain to accept these new structures and thought processes, along with the magic of the new moon energy you will be supported into moving into your best life trajectory and welcome the best version of yourself moving forward.

The New Moon represents an opportunity to take ownership for what we want to manifest and to easily welcome new actions, thoughts and behaviors. I’m excited to lean into this new moon and support you in your transformative process and manifestation.

Full Moon NLP Workbook is included in your Full Moon Circle Ticket.

You will  be guided through releasing exercises to best embrace the qualities of the FULL MOON.


Personalised, Virtual or 1:2 Programs for couples.  Please email cosmicretreats@gmail.com for pricing and with your enquiries for Private Functions and Individual Sessions. 

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  • Cosmic BreathWork Classes for Couples
  • Cacao Heart Healing Ceremonies 

  • Cosmic Relationship Healing – 7 Day Program
  • Wedding Celebrants Hire
  • Self- Love Body Connection Training
  • Chakra balancing – 7 Day Program

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