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Cosmic Breathwork Teacher Training consists of 2 Days of Face to Face Training, 1 Live Assistant facilitator training session and  21 Days of Online Mindshift Shamanic Wheel Embodiment Experiencing. 

This course trains you to take students through an intensive releasing modality, achieved through a unique and specific breathing technique. 

Components of this training include undergoing an embodiment of the practice through a series of practical Cosmic Breathwork sessions, while having the opportunity to hold space for others too.

Through this course you will experience incredible and unfamiliar sensations throughout your body and mind, to consecrate your own healing and propel collective change that you will share. 

This is combined with theory around Neuroscience and pranayama techniques as well as somatic tension release exercises- this will equip you in understanding more about the why behind the method, to feel confident in holding healing space.

Facilitation opportunities to allow you to hold space for other breathers , enabling you to feel confident and comfortable with taking small groups of people through this Cosmic Transformative practice. 

Course Covers:

Embodiment Practice of Cosmic Breathwork – Experience the power of Cosmic Breathwork on multiple occasions throughout the training programme. This will bring tremendous personal healing and stimulation of your intuition. 

Theory around the neuroscience and physiology connected to Cosmic Breathwork.

Responsibilities when holding space. 


Medicine Music Curation

Understanding more about trauma

Post breathwork support tools – Included in this, you will have access to 1 Cosmic Breathwork Live Session and the ability to assist in a Cosmic Breathwork Session. 

Shamanic philosophy associated with a Cosmic Breathwork Journey, 

Access to The Cosmic Mindshift practice, which  has been proven to have many benefits including:

– Naturally, reduce your experience of stress

– Increased mental focus and productivity

– Improve your ability to make better life decisions

– Increase your overall sense of confidence

– Improve your ability to be self-disciplined

– Develop positive personality traits, such as compassion, forgiveness and inner peace

– Create unconscious actions that align with your deepest desires and goals


–  Create Mind-Body Coherence

Book your Discovery call in today!  Email:  Cosmicretreats@gmail.com to make an enquiry and register interest for the next upcoming Breathwork Facilitator Training.

Cosmic Breathwork Training Location

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Training Facilitator Schanelle Denton

“The goal of all my teachings is to help students of all ages nurture an attitude of resilience, inner joy, gratitude and compassion towards themselves and others. Through my workshops and programs, we may be able to unpack past traumas in a way that frees us from mental suffering and propels us on the path towards living our best lives with deeper insights and understanding”

Schanelle has trained in London, Sydney, California, Johannesburg and Peru qualifying as a Certified 500Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer, Breath-Work Facilitator, NLP Coach, Trauma Release Therapist and founder of Cosmic Moments and Fresh Mum; with over 12 years of teaching experience. 

Schanelle has worked with children and adults, passionately teaching movement and the tools of the subconscious mind to re-program the mental conditioning through neuro-lingusitic programming (NLP) techniques, chakra balancing, pranayama, somatic movement therapy and gut health techniques.


Come play and explore how to share the benefits of yoga in a fun way that appeals to children.

Experience a day of laughter as we call upon the child within to cultivate the skills needed to teach children the power of language, movement and mindfulness…

Children’s minds before the age of eight are most susceptible to suggestion and this is where engrained thought patterns and habits are created. If we can share positive practices of mindfulness and calming breathes with children at a young age we are setting them up for success much later in their adult lives.

No previous experience is needed.

This program is perfect for anyone that finds joy in working with children.

This course will benefit teachers, parents and childcare workers that want to learn easy to implement calming tools into the classroom, home,  as well as yoga instructors that are wanting to teach kid’s yoga classes.

Benefits of Kid’s Yoga

Builds Concentration.

Increases Confidence and Positive Self Image

Manage BIG emotions

An Inclusive Physical activity for all

Assists Sport players, helping avoiding injury

Relieves Anxiety, lowering hormone levels

Improves Flexibility

Helps improve Problem solving skills

Calms the Central Nervous System and therefore the body

Helps build body awareness.

Course Framework

Kids Yoga Cards – easy to follow playing cards FREE with the course.

Understand the physical, mental and emotional development of various age groups.

How to make Yoga playful.  



Email:  Cosmicretreats@gmail.com to make an enquiry on upcoming courses or to register interest.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat 01 February 2020

Cosmic Moments Retreat Experience guides you on a journey of self-discovery, where you will gain vast knowledge and experiences in workshops aimed at removing psychological and emotional blockages caused by stress and trauma.

Learn the NLP & Somatic tools that will change your life and enable you to continue implementing at home throughout 2020 and onwards.
Cosmic Retreats 1- 7 Feb 2020 : Join Schanelle Denton to embark on a  7 Day life changing experience in the beautiful La Cusinga Retreat Centre in the midst of the Costa Rican Jungle, walking distance to pristine secluded beaches and private waterfall swimming holes.

Heal your soul, body & mind while sparking deep conscious learning and growth; Schanelle teaches tools of the subconscious mind to re-program the mental conditioning through neuro-lingusitic programming or NLP techniques to ensure your direction aligns with your desires.
Experience deep healing through the profound benefits of Breathwork , the Cacoa Ceremony , Biofield-tuning Workshop and the Somatic Sensory Sound Experience.

Schanelle travels the world inspiring health, wellness and healing connections, through intensive transformational and relaxation programs, she is a Certified 500Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer, Breath-Work facilitator, Reiki Master, NLP Coach and founder of Cosmic Moments ; with over 12 years of teaching experience. View Schanelle’s Formal Qualifications Here 

Costa Rica Cosmic Retreats Include :

  • 2 Breath-Work Sessions
  • 1 Somatic Sensory Sound Experience
  • 1 Biofield Tuning Workshop
  • 2 Aqua Fit Class
  • 5 Yoga Classes
  • 1 Cacao Ceremony
  • Jungle Walk
  • Waterfall Swimming Experience
  • Daily Meditation & NLP Sessions
  • Whale & Bird Watching

Payment Plans Available – Email Cosmicretreats@gmail.com to set this up. 

Email:  reservations@lacusingalodge.com to book your space.

Optional Extras

Please advise when making reservation if you would like more details on the below excursions/activities or if you would like to book any of these activities, as spaces are limited.

*Whale Tours                    *Surf Lessons          *Motorbike Jungle Trips      *Kambo Ceremony          *Animal Therapy      *Biofield Tuning Therapy        *Reiki Therapy                   *Massages              *Coconut Oil Making Workshop 

Find & Book The Most Affordable Flights NOW!

Interesting Image

Cost:  1490€   Secure your spot with a deposit of only 250€

Email: Cosmicretreats@gmail.com to register your interest

These spots will go fast! Please Book in advance as there is a limited number of space on each boat. Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis.

Cabins are on a double-share basis so book with a partner or friend. You are welcome to pay double for your own cabin, please inquire at booking.

If you have a group 

of 5 or more that wants to book together, contact us to arrange your private charter. There are many booking opportunities for private groups outside of the scheduled retreat dates, please contact us for availability.

Don’t Miss the Boat!

Highlights Include

  • A Journey to the jewels of Croatia on an amazing Oceanis 48 Yacht with Wifi and certified skipper!
  • Schanelle Denton, E-RYT 500, NLP Coach, Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator as your yoga instructor. 
  • A hostess is provided on all voyages to keep things tidy and provide a healthy, sea-to-table/farm-to-table menu highlighting fresh food from the region with vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Daily swim stops in the crystal clear water and learn to sail (if you want) with your qualified skipper
  • Enjoy Hvar’s buzzing nightlife & fine dining and visit the famous island of Vis
  • Be welcomed by the warm hospitality of the locals and let your taste buds come alive with the local food and wines
  • Take in the sights and relax as we sail the coast
  • Golden sunsets and sunrises like nothing you’ve seen before
  • A sky full of stars at night, with no light pollution

Yoga Sailing Cruise Croatia 18 July 2020

Included in the Price of 1490€

  • Seven days/nights accommodation on your luxury private yacht
  • Oceanis 48 yacht worth €5,600 p/w in peak season
  • Full crew: Skipper, hostess & Schanelle Denton as your yoga instructor
  • Your weekly marina & port fees (circa €550)
  • Fuel (circa €200)
  • One way delivery fee (€500)
  • Final cleaning fee (€200)
  • Tourism taxes
  • Half board, your hostess will prepare your breakfast & lunch
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Learn how to sail or test your skills with your qualified skipper
  • A private yacht for a fraction of the cost to do it yourself
  • Always a small group on board
  • Wifi (4G unlimited data)
  • No hidden charges or ‘departure taxes’

Cosmic Retreats have been created to take you on a journey that will transport you  away from the stresses of the daily grind, re-centre your mind and connect you to your highest, best self. 

Cosmic Moments relates to the sweetness of life, so expect fun activities, laughter as well as inward reflections to give you the tools that will allow to live a life you love. 

Your experienced teachers and healers will guide you through a program designed to heal the body , mind and spirit through movement, breath work, neuro-linguistic programming and meditation techniques.

The whole experience is focused on transformative learnings and experiences that will take your life in the best possible direction.

Escape to one of our cosmic locations for a little while and embark on a journey that will change your life forever… The time for Cosmic Moments is now… 

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Cosmic Moments
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Ingrid Baring
Ingrid Baring
It was a joy to do the Cosmic Mindshift program and to work with Schanelle Denton. She is dynamite. I so looked forward... to the sessions, the connection and support from other participants and the experience of watching my body, mind and spirt soar. Schanelle structured the practice in a unique way and guided us with clarity, insight and confidence. I had an extraordinary experience doing the Cosmic Breathwork session as well. The course and the community supported me enormously during lockdown. What a wonderful gift 🥰😍🙏❤️read more
Loren Tofiulu Niklaus Hopkins
Loren Tofiulu Niklaus Hopkins
I did a cosmic breath work session and wow, it was something else! All hyperbole aside, this was without a doubt the... most powerful and transformative healing experience that I've had in my life. Schanelle created a safe environment where I felt comfortable letting go. All that's required to reap the benefits really, is an open mind and a little bit of breathing 🙂 Highly recommended!read more
Keith Bielamowicz
Keith Bielamowicz
My meditation practice is new. Around 60 days morning & evening. The boost to my practice came after a breath work... session with Schanelle. I could feel the energy of meditation in ways that I never experienced with a recording. Parts of the session were confronting. There was uncertainty and fear. But Schanelle was there as a guide. Imagine seeing a rickety bridge and making it across. That’s what I experienced and that passage was the opening up of connection between my heart and my mind. It was powerful and calming. Like a new job that you have been told about and were given because you were ready. I am certain there is more to be revealed. This breath work is effective. I am on a new journey in my meditation practice and I am grateful for the wonderful opening of my heart and mind to allow me to be receptive to my higher purpose and the further work I have to do.read more
Eve Megaloconomos
Eve Megaloconomos
I absolutely loved doing the 21 day mind shift program. I truly recommend it to everyone out there. Its helped so much... with being in the present and actually living in the moment. It also has helped me think more clearly and calmly in everyday life. Schanelle is super kind, awesome and explains things very clearly! Edit: this was my second time doing the program! You go much much deeper into yourself and I love how we have all become a little family! Everytime you do this experience it feels completely different ☺️. I also feel my intuition is much more stronger the second time round as you learn to listen to it. Schanelle is just absolutely amazing!read more
Simon Debono
Simon Debono
It was a Joy to be part of the 21 Day Cosmic Mind Shift Program and Global Community! Schanelle is an Amazing... teacher! #1... Her explanation and instruction makes the program very easy to understand and follow. It was my first time attempting any breathing and meditation exercises, and must say it was a positively surreal and fun experience. I have been given an abundance of tools to consciously and subconsciously shred skin like a snake and soar like an eagle...! 🦅 It’s a must do! I totally recommend anybody and everybody to be part of the next 21 Day Cosmic Mind Shift Program... So Grateful! Thank you Schanelle... 💖 💫read more
Rebecca Lorén Burgess
Rebecca Lorén Burgess
Through Cosmic Moments with Schanelle Denton I have learnt how to “tap in” to your inner zen. I am learning how to... self align and discovering what resistance in my emotions means for me. I am also learning how to move with the rhythms of my mind, body and soul and it has been the highlight for me in doing the 21 Day cosmic Mind shift program. I am able to easily access quick key points of knowledge through the cosmic moments website and thoroughly enjoy the explanations Schanelle gives on yoga and meditation and astrological shifts. I am really happy to be apart of the Cosmic Moments Community and am excited to see what’s to come. There is nothing more empowering than learning how to better yourself and the quality of your life, Schanelle makes it soothing and simple to do! I highly recommend if you’re an old yogi or just at the start of diving into this stuff, a busy mum or a Stressed out Dad, in school or out of school, to get involved in the 21 Day Cosmic Mind shift program And feel the love of the Cosmic Moment community! Schanelle’s 1:1 coaching will have you ready to take on whatever life throws at you, her compassion and knowledge is on another level! I’m so blessed to have a place to feel supported and learn how to support my heart, body, mind and soul! Thank you Schanelle! Thank you Cosmic Moments! Namaste! 🌈💞☀️✨🙏🏼🦋read more
Melissa Hopley
Melissa Hopley
Meeting everyday with the Cosmic Warriors from around the world has given me so much Joy in these times of uncertainty.... we are not only thought tools that we can use in our current situation but tools that we can take with us on this journey into the "New World". Even in isolation I feel like I am part of a larger Cosmic Family, we meet and connect as ONE and this leaves me feeling positive for what ever may lay ahead.read more
Tamar Goren
Tamar Goren
The experience I had was profound, magical and beneficial, it was super professional and truly out of this world, well... done, definitely am becoming a regularread more
Jayseelan J C Naransamy
Jayseelan J C Naransamy
This is an experience that must be tried individually. I was sceptical at first, but what an amazing experience Thank... you Schanelle Dentonread more
Morwenna Bradshaw
Morwenna Bradshaw
Schanelle is fabulous! I had a much needed one to one yoga session with her in Uvita, Costa Rica, the day before we... flew home. It was a beautiful day, a gorgeous setting & the session was all the things I love about yoga. An awesome stretch, a calming, re-focussing & energising flow with nature all around & a excellent instructor sewing it altogether. Schanelle is fun & knowledgable and I can not recommend any of her sessions enough! I hope to one day meet her again and enjoy more yoga & rebalancing with her guidance.read more
Cindy McCracken
Cindy McCracken
I had the privilege of participating in one of Schanelle’s Aqua FIT classes in Ojochal. What a fun time! Schanelle... is an excellent instructor, enthusiastic, energetic and friendly. She kept all participants moving and motivated. I found this class to be a great workout for the heart, muscles, joints and mind.read more
Alexis Alexander
Alexis Alexander
Schanelle is an amazing facilitator with a kind and clear delivery. her experience and knowledge come through and i... immediately felt confidence in her guidance. if you have an opportunity to access her wisdom and energy via yoga or exercise of any type i highly recommend that you go for it!!read more
Christine Weidinger
Christine Weidinger
Schanelle hält eine tolle Yogastunde, sehr einfühlsam, doch anspruchsvoll mit super Entspannung am Ende. 🧘‍♂️
Mollycoddle Mabetha
Mollycoddle Mabetha
yoga with kitten is very relaxing connecting with animals.
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