Cosmic Breathwork Facilitator Training


Course Covers:

Embodiment Practice of Cosmic Breathwork – Experience the power of Cosmic Breathwork on multiple occasions throughout the training programme. This will bring tremendous personal healing and stimulation of your intuition. 

Theory around the neuroscience and physiology connected to Cosmic Breathwork.

Responsibilities when holding space. 


Medicine Music Curation

Understanding more about trauma

Post breathwork support tools – Included in this, you will have access to 1 Cosmic Breathwork Live Session and the ability to assist in a Cosmic Breathwork Session. 

Shamanic philosophy associated with a Cosmic Breathwork Journey, 

Access to The Cosmic Mindshift practice, which  has been proven to have many benefits including:

– Naturally, reduce your experience of stress

– Increased mental focus and productivity

– Improve your ability to make better life decisions

– Increase your overall sense of confidence

– Improve your ability to be self-disciplined

– Develop positive personality traits, such as compassion, forgiveness and inner peace

– Create unconscious actions that align with your deepest desires and goals

–  Create Mind-Body Coherence

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Facilitator Training – 30 and 31st January.

Cosmic Breathwork Teacher Training consists of 2 Days of Face to Face Training, 1 Live Assistant facilitator training session and  21 Days of Online Mindshift Shamanic Wheel Embodiment Experiencing.

This course trains you to take students through an intensive releasing modality, achieved through a unique and specific breathing technique. 

Components of this training include undergoing an embodiment of the practice through a series of practical Cosmic Breathwork sessions while having the opportunity to hold space for others too.

Through this course you will experience incredible and unfamiliar sensations throughout your body and mind, to consecrate your own healing and propel collective change that you will share. 

This is combined with theory around Neuroscience and pranayama techniques as well as somatic tension release exercises- this will equip you in understanding more about the why behind the method, to feel confident in holding healing space.

Facilitation opportunities to allow you to hold space for other breathers , enabling you to feel confident and comfortable with taking small groups of people through this Cosmic Transformative practice. 


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