Michael Crush

Michael is a breathing coach breathing, founder of Breathing Mechanics Australia , trained in Buteyko Method, Oxygen Advantage, Survival Apnea and XPT breathing coach.

Michael’s career has always been based around adventure activities. Guiding glacier walks and ice climbing, heli-skiing and skydiving, Michael realised that his passion lay in leading people through transformation and breaking past personal boundaries and opening peoples eyes to a new realm of possibilities.
After breaking his back in a paragliding accident, Michael discovered yoga where he learnt there that the breath was the link between the body and mind. He discovered that postures became easier when combined it with focused correct breathing patterns.
Michael took breathing techniques into skydiving circles and saw a bigger transformation, breathe led participants to become more present, relaxed and enabled more to enjoy the experience fully.
Michael states that “Just like skydiving, life can be intense, so by bringing the same breathe techniques to all life circumstances,  we can stay calm in the face of adversity.”  Michael guides participants through different systems for different purposes.
From breathing for surfers for holding  breath in a surf hold down to increasing sports performance to helping with stress, anxiety,  asthma and sleep disorders.
Get in touch with cosmicretreats@gmail.com if you would like to experience a workshop, private lesson or 1:1 coaching to learn the tools and techniques that Michael has to share.

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