Candace Earl

Candace is a lover of Kirtan Meditation, the chanting of Sacred Mantra’s and a student of renowned Meditation Master Jagad Guru Siddhaswarpananda. This form of meditation is described in the ancient yoga texts as the most powerful and sublime way to meditate, helping free a person from all worries and anxieties, transporting them into a realm of absolute calm, rest and peace.

Candace has been applying these wonderful, ancient meditation practices in her life on a daily basis for 15 years and loves sharing this wonderful gift with others. Through this meditation process, she has experienced a gradual deepening of her sense of inner peace, satisfaction and happiness and is forever grateful for having access to this wisdom.

You’ll catch Candace at events chanting her heart out and playing her melodious harmonium and guitar.
Listen to the Cosmic Moments Interview with Candace here.

For questions regarding Kirtan with Candace email: cosmicretreats@gmail.com

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