Cosmic Yoga for Kids

Kids yoga classes are carefully planned to enhance children’s self-awareness.

Term 1 Classes:

1 Feb – 29 March – $15 per class or $100 for the whole term.

Every Monday at 4pm at the Eco Village in Currumbin Valley.

Book your interest by emailing cosmicretreats@gmail.com

A safe space is created for children to become comfortable in learning how to express themselves and understand their emotions, concepts of empathy and mindfulness.


Children learn simple tools to connect with their body and calm their nervous system in fun ways that they will be able to carry them well into their adult lives.


Schanelle includes drama therapy (from years of teaching drama on international film sets) into yoga classes to evoke laughter, creative expression and fun into the traditional yoga class.




Here we introduce kids to tools that will:

*Increase co-ordination

*Decrease anxiety

*Increase flexibility

*Assist in stress management (yes kid’s do get stressed out!) around school expectations, family changes and navigating new friendships

*Increase creativity and self-expression

*Increase confidence


*Yoga poses

*Breathing exercises


Watch this video to understand more of the benefits of kid’s yoga:

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