Cosmic Cacao

Known as the handmaiden of the heart, Cacao will gently lead you to a state acceptance, love and peace. As it invites you to uncover the hurts that stifle the joys in your life, and step back into the heart of life. This sacred medicine has been used for thousands of years traditionally, and contains the powerful compound Theobromine, literally translated as God-Food.

The Cacao experience takes you on a gently journey inwards allowing you to reconnect with your true essence, release old patterns and traumas and step surefooted into the world with a confidence only borne of knowing oneself.

This is a medicine of love, and acceptance and can be used to enhance intimacy between lovers,resolve difficulties from a heart-centred space and open up to the unconditional wisdom of true forgiveness.

Ceremonial grade Cacao is also rich in trace minerals and elements nourishing the body, while tending to the heart. We invite you to join us as at an upcoming ceremonial and experience the magic of Cacao, tap into your heart space and celebrate the beauty of this wonderful medicine with us!

Your facilitator Schanelle has trained in Peru with experienced teachers to hold sacred cacao ceremonies providing an opportunity to connect with yourself and open your heart.

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Cacao Ceremony


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Raw Cacao has many healing benefits and can be used as an alternative to coffee

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