21 Day Cosmic MindShift Training

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Learn the tools to slow down brainwaves, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and reprogram negative patterns.

The Cosmic Moments 21 Day Mind Shift Program,  is an online programme with International Instructor Schanelle Denton,  

We mindfully take the window of opportunity to create new neural pathways that are more aligned to heartfelt desires instead of repressed subconscious fear-based ingrained thought patterns that may be resulting in self-sabotaging behaviour. Your new mindset results in new unconscious actions that are more aligned to your highest self, your best-case scenarios, your desires and life goals.


Course Includes:

  • 21 Days of Live Recordings to do at a time that suits your schedule.

  • A workbook guiding you through the process.

  • Bonus materials and workbooks around how to reconstruct your thinking, how to set positive affirmations and manifestations.

  • Teachings around the Shamanic Medicine wheel and how to apply it to modern psychology thinking

  • Bonus New and Full Moon Workbook and meditations

Each session consists of Somatic Facial Tension Release, Breathwork and Affirmation Exercises that are carefully put together in a way that will relax your nervous system to allow for the brainwaves to slow down to enable access into the subconscious level of allowing for a shift of your mindset.

A healthy mind translates into a stronger immune system and more resilience. Through NLP techniques the mind is shifted to allow subconscious reframing, allowing you to attract a life you love and find inner joy.

You will also learn about Breathing/ Pranayama techniques and exercises to expand your lung capacity and strengthen your respiratory system, coupled with Meditation and visualisation techniques that activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest nervous system) and decrease stress hormones.

Positive psychology and neurolinguistic programming techniques establish new synaptic bonds that consciously reprogram the Subconscious Mind.

The Cosmic Mindshift practice has been proven to have many benefits including:

– Naturally, reduce your experience of stress

– Increased mental focus and productivity

– Improve your ability to make better life decisions

– Increase your overall sense of confidence

– Improve your ability to be self-disciplined

– Develop positive personality traits, such as compassion, forgiveness and inner peace

– Create unconscious actions that align with your deepest desires and goals

–  Create Mind-Body Coherence

Learn how to introduce new stress management tools into your life moving forward and learn the underlying recipe to manifest the life you love.

Topics Covered:

Intro to Shamanic Medicine Wheel

Somatic Tension Release Exercises

Pranayama Exercises (Intro to Breathing Techniques to Calm the Nervous System)

NLP Guided Meditation