Tetany in Cosmic Breathwork Explained

If you have experienced Cosmic Breathwork you may have experienced Tetany. 

Tetany is characterized by cramping, tightening, tingling, paralyzing, or numbing sensations of the hands and/or feet and even the face.

If this does occur during Cosmic Breathwork, note that it is very common and should not be feared.

Tetany is temporary and it will go away on its own once you return to a normal breathing pattern. If it feels to extreme you can assist in relieving the sensations through shaking  the limbs and moving the breath through to the nose. 

I aim to shed light on the physical and psycho-spiritual causes of tetany in this article.

The Physiological Explanation of Tetany


During  Cosmic breathwork, the 3 part and 2 part breathing technique that Schanelle guides you through causes the Co2 levels to drop. 

This results in less oxygen being released into the bloodstream, tissues, and vital organs;  while causing the blood pH to become more alkaline. This combination  is what leads to tetany.


The more often you experience Cosmic Breathwork the more likely the Tetany sensations are to lessen. This may be because the body adapts to the physiological changes that occur and the body begins to adjust accordingly with more flow or it could  be the psyche adapting through the practice , your ability to let go, accept and surrender becomes more possible through Cosmic breathwork .
The Psycho-Spiritual Explanation
I call the hands of Tetany T-rex hands as it creates a claw-like shape, which can be symbolic of holding onto something in your psychology too tightly. It may be a sign that there is something that needs to be let go of.
The challenge and discomfort of this sensation could be your body revealing something significant for you to inquire into.
Mentally there could be  a challenging threshold that is waiting to be crossed, Cosmic Breathwork is the perfect modality to breakthrough this self-limiting structures. 
When tetany arises turn within and ask yourself the question:
“What is it time for me to let go of?” 
It may be a grudge, a childhood trauma, an ex, a fear, an addiction or even  the negative self-talk loops that you unconsciously condition your mind with and that keeps you in a space of victimhood.
It may also be a fear of letting go or of losing control, and perhaps the associated vulnerability that comes along with it in various healing practices. 
Whatever it is, it is likely keeping you in a state of resistance and preventing you from experiencing bliss and success. What you are grasping onto may also be causing you anxiety or depression. 
When you are in your process and you allow the deep conscious to answer the above question you are able to subconsciously release  the emotional background of limiting psychological pain. 
There are different levels of intensity with tetany, and often times the more pronounced the sensation is, may be a reflection that it is more difficult for the breather to relax and surrender in their daily lives.
Invite Patience
The answer to what you need to let go of may or may not be revealed in a single session; for some, it may take multiple sessions, as well as combination healing therapies, post Cosmic Breathwork journaling and deeper introspective meditations. Through repetitive sessions of Cosmic Breathwork  the solutions and answers may materialize, when it does it is not uncommon to experience an instant disappearance of the tetany. 
Cosmic Breathwork works wonderfully in combination with talk therapy, body massage therapy and somatic movement therapy, if you would like more information on private sessions in these combination therapies with Schanelle with these modalities contact cosmicretreats@gmail.com. 





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The First Phase

The Cosmic Mindshift Phase 1

Throughout the first phase of our Cosmic Mind Shift Journey we were getting grounded into the here and now. We silently observed our thoughts and brought our awareness into the present moment. Through this journey we became fully and mindfully aware of this experience we are finding ourselves in.

We have planted the seeds of our intentions and our desires, became clear on what we desire to bring into fruition.

In the first phase of the Shamanic medicine wheel we explored the serpent phase , we learnt about shedding the old self, the limiting beliefs and the theory of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. The collective unconscious – which refers to the idea that a segment of the deepest unconscious mind is inherited from suggestions from other people’s belief systems, which have created engrained limiting beliefs within us.


Mantra for Grounding

LAM for the Root Chakra, which is associated with the element of Earth. 

VAM for the Sacral Chakra which is associated with the element of water.

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Second Phase of the Cosmic Mind Shift

“I am courageous… I step into my best version of self now”

Today we welcome the Shamanic teachings, which guides us to walk through gateway of the West, the energy of the Jaguar. This is an animal archetype which represents courage.

How can you move with power into your purpose?

Correlating it to Yogic Philosophy; I interpret this archetype to align with the Warrior Goddess Durga…

Durga is frequently depicted standing atop or riding a tiger or lion, which represents power, will, and determination. Durga symbolizes her mastery over all these positive qualities. Durga represents a warrior energy of foresight and confidence.

Mind Heart Coherence in Courage

The word courage is commonly defined as ”The ability to do something that frightens one.” When we break down the art of language – Courage to Old English and then from it’s latin stem ‘cor’ means “heart.” taking us to the the seat of feelings.

Simply stated, this common definition refers to the ability to do something brave out of a motivation from the heart. Through the meditative techniques learnt in the Cosmic Mind Shift Programme we create congruence with the heart, we take time for silent introspection and we are able to hear what our Soul Heart (Atman) truly desires and what subsequent action is needed to manifest a life we love, a life of abundance and joy.

” Can you cultivate the courage to be grateful for what you have in this present moment?”

Interestingly another correlation to the above teachings is found in the bible; it speaks of Courage in Hosea 11:10 “The Lord will roar like a lion. When he roars, his children will come trembling from the west” I believe that this relates to our awakening to Universal pure consciousness- the ability we have to access a life we love and desire, a life of abundance and joy. When we face our fears (trembling- shows fear, but courage to still take action) and step towards what we desire with trust and without compromise we will experience bliss. I find it interesting that the West is mentioned. 

Yogic Teachings

Relating to yogic or Hindu philosophy  Durga is frequently depicted standing atop or riding a tiger or lion, which represents power, will, and determination. Durga symbolizes her mastery over all these qualities. Durga represents a warrior energy of foresight and confidence.

Yogic Mantras for confidence is RAM for the Solar- Plexus Chakra which is associated with the element of fire. YAM for the Heart Chakra.

Yogic Hand Position – Abhay Mudra

Abhay Mudra, which means “freedom from fear.” – Flat palm aligned with heart space.

Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is stepping towards the face of your fears and overcoming them. Trusting the universe is unfolding in your favour, that you are a courageous co-creator of this reality.

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The Power of Gratitude

“My heart is open and attracting all that serves my highest purpose… I allow myself to attract that which  aligns with my highest version of myself. “

The first step to cultivating gratitude and consequently celebrating the wonderful emotions and sensations of empowerment  that the vibrations of gratitude brings to you, is to consistently clear negative vibrations. By doing this you are able to make space for the high frequency vibrations of gratitude. 

The Cosmic Law of the universe is dictated by a language of vibrational energy, we have the ability to choose which vibrations we are putting our energy into.  You’re probably wondering right now, how do I change my vibrational energy? And there are many ways to do this, but the first one is what I call “Emotional Tracking. “

When we become mindful of where our unconscious thoughts or our “Emotional and Energetic State”  is sitting more frequently, we are able to put a pause on them, before they carry us away and then become engrained thought patterns in our life – which results in our personal reality and the way we are experiencing this life. Remember you have about 90 000 thousand thoughts a day, which are often repetitive thought loops! 

So by constantly becoming aware of where we are emotionally or energetically, through a process of self tracking, we can notice where our thoughts are going and what that thought feels like in our body and in our energetic field… 

This also relates to becoming mindful of what were consuming – in terms of conversations, media consumption, food and how those things make us feel. We then start to consciously choose what we want to consume in terms of high vibrational energy, we naturally deter away from that which does not hold the attractive high vibrational energy we enjoy and that serves our highest self.

The meditations in the Cosmic Mindshift Programme help you to track yourself more easily and frequently on an ongoing basis. You will notice this as we go along the process.  

Quite simply when a negative emotion, such as guilt, shame, regret, frustration , anger, jealousy, fear comes to surface you catch it and you  shed it. 

You shed it and then straight away you replace it with positive vibrational energy. This is a process of releasing and attracting exercises which I teach  in the cosmic mind shift programme.

Letting go of the past (positive and negative experiences) in a way that induces gratitude and appreciation is especially important to cultivate the new vibrations that will attract your desired destiny. 

Attracting positive vibrational energy comes in the form of sound vibration such as mantra or self- soothing humming practices, somatic tension release as well as affirmations of grace, love, forgiveness and gratitude. 

Soon our vibrations alter as we become constantly aware of the Cosmic Law that states everything is unfolding in a way that reflects our internal vibrational energy. 

Simply put you will not attract what you consciously want if it is not a vibrational match to you. You will attract more negative vibration if your vibration is at a lower frequency, and you are repeating everything that is wrong through negative self- talk , poor me stories, drama and gossip circles. 

When you are stuck in this low vibration you can through all your desires to the universe on a daily basis, but you will not attract those desires because it does not match your vibration … Or if you do manage to attract it you will either 1. not be able to notice what you’ve attracted or 2.quickly lose it, because your negative vibrations of fear, scarcity or shame will make you self sabotage it  and it will slip away from you like oil of a pan! 

So by  noticing what you have to be grateful for and cultivating that high vibration of gratitude instead of worrying about what we don’t have or what we’ve lost we attract more of that high vibrational energy.

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The Power of Affirmations

During my studies in Yogic philosophy in London, Australia ,India and Peru I discovered and learnt about the classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads, which declares, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As…

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Cosmic Moments Explored

As we move through these moments of crises and uncomfortable change; both individually and collectively we are in fact opening up to the opportunity to positively change our lives exponentially. 

This is the moment that you have to reset and reboot your life despite the current uncertainty, you have the ability to take control of your mind and consciously reprogram the subconscious! 

Stay tuned to the Cosmic Moments Podcast for new episodes in the upcoming Cosmic Moments War on Corona Series where we explore mindfulness techniques and speak to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and healers on navigating life during this revolutionary time.

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