Tetany in Cosmic Breathwork Explained

If you have experienced Cosmic Breathwork you may have experienced Tetany. 

Tetany is characterized by cramping, tightening, tingling, paralyzing, or numbing sensations of the hands and/or feet and even the face.

If this does occur during Cosmic Breathwork, note that it is very common and should not be feared.

Tetany is temporary and it will go away on its own once you return to a normal breathing pattern. If it feels to extreme you can assist in relieving the sensations through shaking  the limbs and moving the breath through to the nose. 

I aim to shed light on the physical and psycho-spiritual causes of tetany in this article.

The Physiological Explanation of Tetany


During  Cosmic breathwork, the 3 part and 2 part breathing technique that Schanelle guides you through causes the Co2 levels to drop. 

This results in less oxygen being released into the bloodstream, tissues, and vital organs;  while causing the blood pH to become more alkaline. This combination  is what leads to tetany.


The more often you experience Cosmic Breathwork the more likely the Tetany sensations are to lessen. This may be because the body adapts to the physiological changes that occur and the body begins to adjust accordingly with more flow or it could  be the psyche adapting through the practice , your ability to let go, accept and surrender becomes more possible through Cosmic breathwork .
The Psycho-Spiritual Explanation
I call the hands of Tetany T-rex hands as it creates a claw-like shape, which can be symbolic of holding onto something in your psychology too tightly. It may be a sign that there is something that needs to be let go of.
The challenge and discomfort of this sensation could be your body revealing something significant for you to inquire into.
Mentally there could be  a challenging threshold that is waiting to be crossed, Cosmic Breathwork is the perfect modality to breakthrough this self-limiting structures. 
When tetany arises turn within and ask yourself the question:
“What is it time for me to let go of?” 
It may be a grudge, a childhood trauma, an ex, a fear, an addiction or even  the negative self-talk loops that you unconsciously condition your mind with and that keeps you in a space of victimhood.
It may also be a fear of letting go or of losing control, and perhaps the associated vulnerability that comes along with it in various healing practices. 
Whatever it is, it is likely keeping you in a state of resistance and preventing you from experiencing bliss and success. What you are grasping onto may also be causing you anxiety or depression. 
When you are in your process and you allow the deep conscious to answer the above question you are able to subconsciously release  the emotional background of limiting psychological pain. 
There are different levels of intensity with tetany, and often times the more pronounced the sensation is, may be a reflection that it is more difficult for the breather to relax and surrender in their daily lives.
Invite Patience
The answer to what you need to let go of may or may not be revealed in a single session; for some, it may take multiple sessions, as well as combination healing therapies, post Cosmic Breathwork journaling and deeper introspective meditations. Through repetitive sessions of Cosmic Breathwork  the solutions and answers may materialize, when it does it is not uncommon to experience an instant disappearance of the tetany. 
Cosmic Breathwork works wonderfully in combination with talk therapy, body massage therapy and somatic movement therapy, if you would like more information on private sessions in these combination therapies with Schanelle with these modalities contact cosmicretreats@gmail.com.