Libra Full Moon 8th April 2020

Libra Full Moon  – Pink Super Moon April 8th 2020

11:35pm Brisbane

4:35am South Africa

If you have a look at this incredible Pink Super Full Moon, take heed of how connected we all are for a moment as we all look up at the same moon from different parts of the world. For the first time in my life we are globally experiencing same kind of restrictions on movement, isolation and amplified reactions to the unknown. This makes me feel as though this could be the perfect time for Collective Meditations and prayer for all beings in the world. A world that is changing, as we know it.

Interestingly this Full moon is influenced by Saturn which expresses notions of limitation and by Pluto which amplifies those said limitations. This Libra full moon is ruled by Venus which translates as peaked emotions and puts relationships into the spotlight.

Now when I talk about relationship, I mean relationships with others, but also relationship with self. If you are having trouble navigating relationship with self; I urge you to jump onto my new daily offering for just $1 and 30mins  a day, I guide you through immune boosting breathwork  exercises that also calm the nervous system and I assist you in rewiring your brain to bring positive manifestations into reality.


This full moon is the perfect time to let go of the old patterns that no longer serve you and introduce the new habits that create the person you really want to be.

This time of isolation and stillness that we are now finding ourselves in, is the perfect time to connect with self and manifest the best version of you.

This Libra Full Moon seeks to balance polarities , this means that polarities in your life will be highlighted and if you are off balance certain things will be forced into balance. I invite you to consciously welcome the positive personality characteristics of Libra into your life right now – these specifically include diplomacy, compromise , fairness and grace.  In the moments of chaos you may want to write these qualities down in the form of affirmations for yourself and revisit them when you are triggered in this cycle – especially in connection to relationship with others. 

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