Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces full moon represents the energies of water, it is conjunct by the mystical planet Neptune, an influence that can increase intuition and insight, as well as tremendous emotional sensitivity. 

Shamanic & Tantric Connections to this Full Moon

In Shamanic philosophy this Pisces Full Moon connects to the Serpent energy – thinning the veils that separate us from the truth; it is thus a good time to clear away your own ignorance, illusions and self-limiting beliefs and consequently see things as they truly are.

Similarily in Tantric philosophy; this full moon relates to Shiva’s energy called Aja Ekapada,  also known as the fire serpent,  which relates to the transformative doorway to a new life of your desire.

Pisces Power

This full moon has the power to trigger strong dreams and allow us to enter deep meditations, thus it is a powerful time to plant psychic seeds of intention.

The Chakra of this Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon on the 13/14th of September 2019 is heavily influenced by the energy of water; this directly relates to the Sacral Chakra- the energy centre of creativity, flow, sexuality and passion.

This energy aligns with addictions, karmic patterns and desires; so it’s important to be mindful of how your cravings are being triggered at this time and consequently step into your truth and re-wire old patterns or unserving stories that need to be consciously cleared from your life.

“When we take the time to go inward and discover how our self talk is creating our outward experience of life ; we become empowered to move away from unconscious patterning and step into a space that gives more purposeful direction. A space where we are no longer controlled by our emotions or cravings.”

Take this time to balance the Sacral Chakra with this Full Moon, step into your truth and go with the flow of the waters of life. This is a great time to do creative flow meditations, tantric breathwork, artwork or sensual dance practices.

Guided Meditation

This Cosmic Moments Episode is a grounding meditation by Ber Tan… Listen to this 5 minute Episode here for a perfect way to ground and align the mind so that you may manifest whatever you want to flow into your life right now.