New to meditation – Here’s some tips to get you started

Starting your practice

At the beginning of your meditation practice, take a few moments to acknowledge the rate of your natural breath and any other sensations you may experience. Take note of the sounds around you, physical sensations, your emotional state and any thoughts that you have at the moment, experience this without trying to alter or do anything about it.

Cultivate your concentration

Breath is a great point of focus and a wonderful tool to support the cultivation of concentration.

Focus solely on the breath, the depth, length and position of each inhale and exhale. Practice channelling the breath as you inhale to move through the nostrils, down the windpipe, through the chest, inflating the diaphragm and deep into the belly, reversing the path on the exhale.

Wandering Thoughts

Your mind may wonder, this is normal and part of meditation, when you notice that you are no longer observing your breath, simply watch the thought go by and bring your attention back to the breath.

Steadily all your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations will come and go, in the background of your breath awareness. Notice how they come automatically and involuntarily, just like your breath until eventually, you will become more aware of the tendencies of the mind.

Tendencies of the Mind

In experiencing and noticing the tendencies of the mind, you are able to notice how your subconscious mind tries to resist certain experiences and tries to hold onto others.

Focus on calmly letting it all go, watch the thoughts dissipate like water down a stream, clearing the mind by returning the conscious awareness to the breath.

Mind Mastery

Once you become aware of how the mind tries to resist or hold onto sensations, thoughts and sounds, you are able to cultivate a stronger mental power over the deeper side of your subconscious mind.

As you improve your meditation practice you may be able to control where you want the mind to go. Ridding the mind of un-serving thoughts, and re-programming the mind to attract a life of peace, calm and abundance.


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